Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flora and the Castle..A Fairy Tale.

Image by Jennifer Galasso titled Coronation of the Fairy Queen

There was once a fairy who lived in a castle,
Cleaning all 70 rooms was quite the hassle!
Her name was Flora didn't you know,
She was always on the constant go.
Until one day when exhaustion set in.
However, she did not want it to win.
She thought with all her heart of what she could do,
What popped into her next sure was a great clue.
Appeal to the Queen Fairy of Cleanliness for assistance,
She would fill her heart with persistence.
Only a custom made spell is the way,
Then all of that mess, empty rooms and dirt
would not stay.
Flora called for her with great might,
"Queen Fairy of Cleanliness please shine your light!"
And Poof there she was glowing with peace,
"What have you invoked me for to cease?"
"Queen Fairy of Cleanliness I have a dilemma of the
"Oh my, what do you want to report?"
"All I do is clean with no fun in sight,"
"Dear little fairy that is just not right!"
Queen Fairy of Cleanliness rummaged through
her magical bag,
On each glass vial potion there was a name tag.
She searched through until she found the perfect one,
It read, "Celebration and Lots O' Fun."
Queen Fairy of Cleanliness sang with power,
"No more work, just lots of friends
and festivities shower."
From that day forth Flora had 70 friends in each of the rooms,
With everyone of them each sweeping with brooms.
The castle was spotless and a place of sheer joy,
With nothing out of order not even a toy!
Flora was very happy with how events turned out,
All thanks to the Queen with her transformative shout.


Copyright © Lisa Owens November 2011

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