Friday, December 9, 2011

Yes, there is a Chocolat Fairy...

For anyone who doubts there are fairies for all kinds of things...guess again.

There is a marvelous fairy by the name of Chocolat Fairy and what does she adore most in the world...chocolate of course. It doesn't matter if it's served as a Hot Chocolate, Chocolate milk, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Candies, Chocolate Lip Gloss..or Chocolate Diamonds because she fancies them all.

With the holidays approaching you will see her whispering into everyone's ears to buy chocolate treasures to give as gifts with her blessing as others faces light up as a small child does when they get something they really have been wishing with all their might and heart.

She is a huge fan of the movies Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as well as Chocolat with her crush Johnny Depp.

Chocolat Fairy enjoys taking a bath with her chocolate scrub as she eats Chocolate Truffles with spiked Egg Nog.

Ask her to surprise you with a chocolately sweet treat and she will deliver without a beat.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Little Box of Spells Book and Spellcraft Kit Review & Giveaway!

My new favorite place to browse is Peter Pauper Press's website. They have been so thoughtful to think of this blog and readers to host a giveaway of their The Little Box of Spells Book and Spellcraft Kit by Suzanne Zenkel as the prize for one winner. I was also sent one to check it out for myself!

Who is Peter Pauper Press? Peter Pauper Press was founded in 1928 and is beginning it's 8th decade as one of America's leading publishers of fine gift books, humor books, compact references, travel guides, unique journals, quality stationary, holiday cards, and innovative children's activity books. They publish approximately 100 books and ancillary products per year.

What the Kit Includes: An all-in-one kit to aid in your mastery of spellcraft. The Little Book of Spells explains the basics and offers life-enhancing spells for friendship, love, good fortune and peace. Kit includes 80-page hardcover book, mystic rose oil for empowering, healing, and blessing; candles to help bring focus; and a magical stone embodying unique spellcasting properties. Kit measures 3-1/2" wide x 4-1/2" high x 1-1/2" deep.

Price: $7.95

What I Thought of It: This kit is purely magic! I love that it comes in such a small package but carries a very strong impact with what it offers.
Firstly, the Mystic Rose Oil it comes with smells absolutely yummy and gorgeous at the same time. I couldn't get enough of its fragrance.
The rose quartz crystal is the perfect size to carry in your pocket, put in a bag, or elsewhere. It being small has it's advantages of what you can do with it. Lastly, the two tea light candles are a pretty pink color that is fun and delightful.

Now onto the accompanying book by Suzanne Zenkel that gives a short history on magic, how to make a spellbox, and various spells for attracting new love, friendship, getting a job, protective spells, healing the earth, getting rid of negativity, helping a friend in need and more. Each spell is simple, easy, and won't take too much time to conjure up.

All of the illustrations by Julia Binfield/Lila Rogers Studio are endearing and add another layer to what this book holds inside.

At the end of the book it has quick charts where it shows key words of what certain foods to eat for added prosperity, love, protection, intuition along with the herbs, crystals, oils and colors to use.

In one word: AWESOME!

You can grab one here or enter below to win. Don't you want some added magic in your life?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flora and the Castle..A Fairy Tale.

Image by Jennifer Galasso titled Coronation of the Fairy Queen

There was once a fairy who lived in a castle,
Cleaning all 70 rooms was quite the hassle!
Her name was Flora didn't you know,
She was always on the constant go.
Until one day when exhaustion set in.
However, she did not want it to win.
She thought with all her heart of what she could do,
What popped into her next sure was a great clue.
Appeal to the Queen Fairy of Cleanliness for assistance,
She would fill her heart with persistence.
Only a custom made spell is the way,
Then all of that mess, empty rooms and dirt
would not stay.
Flora called for her with great might,
"Queen Fairy of Cleanliness please shine your light!"
And Poof there she was glowing with peace,
"What have you invoked me for to cease?"
"Queen Fairy of Cleanliness I have a dilemma of the
"Oh my, what do you want to report?"
"All I do is clean with no fun in sight,"
"Dear little fairy that is just not right!"
Queen Fairy of Cleanliness rummaged through
her magical bag,
On each glass vial potion there was a name tag.
She searched through until she found the perfect one,
It read, "Celebration and Lots O' Fun."
Queen Fairy of Cleanliness sang with power,
"No more work, just lots of friends
and festivities shower."
From that day forth Flora had 70 friends in each of the rooms,
With everyone of them each sweeping with brooms.
The castle was spotless and a place of sheer joy,
With nothing out of order not even a toy!
Flora was very happy with how events turned out,
All thanks to the Queen with her transformative shout.


Copyright © Lisa Owens November 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Haiku: A Part of Fairy Nature

A haiku is a Japanese poem that follows 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and ending with 5 again. It normally features the seasons, and natural elements also expressing a deeper meaning.

There is nothing better than to write Haiku for the fairies, if you want a new way to create a wish or give thanks.

Here is mine called

Image by Jennifer Galasso titled The Snow Queen

"Ode to The Snow Queen"

Snowflakes dancing through
Like sugar coating earth's ground
Magic from the Snow Queen.

"Falling Leaves"

Falling leaves please come
green paper money falling upon
Riches showing up.

Make one today and decorate it up, and display it where all can marvel.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to Mushroom City: Landing in Fairy Territory

I've noticed huge mushrooms growing at our neighbor's home(never have seen them before) and little ones in our backyard as well as clovers everywhere! The mushrooms started out as one, then two..and out shot even bigger ones. I imagine the fairies use them as umbrellas to cover themselves in a rain storm, sitting on them to sunbathe in, jump on, and sit around and drink some fairy brew. These are all markings of fairy territory. It basically means the fairies are out to play and might be asking you to join them. So leave them a treat or two, whisper a wish, and see if they serve you up a fairy scrumptious dish!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fairy Dust Sprinklings

The faeries have some of the best sense of humor around. They can be quite saucy. You may be wondering if the Fae are hitting you in the face with a pixie stick. Here is how to tell if they are giving you some Fairy Dust Sprinklings.

Number 1. You keep seeing the image of Tinkerbell or some other fairy image popping up at every corner. This happened to me for a straight week when I was questioning if they truly existed. First, I saw a Tinkerbell DVD on my sister’s desk that was not there earlier that month and my mom bought my cousin Tinkerbell gifts to send out to her that she showed me. I was also watching a rerun episode of Saved by the Bell that particular week and it was a Halloween one (although it wasn’t October). Guess what I come back to see after I went to make breakfast and left the room? The one female character was dressed up as Tinkerbell!

Number 2: Someone gives you some fairy loot. So for instance my mom had gone to the craft store and bought me back a Fairy Stained Glass Window Book where you color in images of fairies. I also had found adorable trinket fairy boxes that were super cheap (those fairies like frugal savings too!). I also had a dear friend send me a wand and it happen to be a fairy aligned one.

Number 3: You hear about fairies more and more through mainstream media or person(s) without your questioning. I had this happen when my brother asked if I saw this new role playing game for Xbox that lets you design what kind of fairy you want to be. I was watching youtuber GlamLifeGuru make mention the other day of the Coupon Fairy in one of her recent videos when she was showing deals to get.

Number 4: You are outside and have one single bee hovering or flying by you or perhaps a dragonfly or bunny rabbit. This occurred to me so many times when I was outside talking to the fairies in my head. One time I had a dragonfly just flitter on over and perch up on our clothesline out in the backyard. It didn’t move and just stayed there for a long while as though listening and watching me until I stopped talking to the fairy kingdom. It was extremely close to me which never happened. I had never seen a dragonfly when I was outside before in that particular location either. Another incident I was talking with fairies and guess what came hopping by adorable brown rabbit. This rabbit visited me more than once. I also had bees acting strangely like buzzing right next to my ear or a single one coming by me and then leaving as though to check me out and report back its findings. All these incidences I was asking for the fairies to show up and let me see them. Perhaps they sent me those animal signs. Best Selling Angel Author Doreen Virtue (whom has also written on fairies) says that animals have fairies as guardian spirits and they often can come disguised as bees, dragonflies, butterflies, flies, and ladybugs.

Number 5: You’ve got weird looking ring shapes and patches or other natural gifts being dropped off or you find them. Hmmm, I can tell you the time my sister came home from the beach and surprised me with a beautiful rock from there. Fairies, much? There was also an odd looking patch of grass that grew in a perfect circle shape that I renamed the Fairy Circle. I imagined that maybe they threw some crazy night parties and danced around it. You may also come across seashells or other element gifts like crystals.

Number 6: Someone plays a joke on you, acts out in a mischievous yet playful manner, you get taken to a comedy show, improv class, funny movie, or you are laughing about things that shouldn't be dirty but come out that way...yep it's the fae. They curse like truckers and do party all the time.

To have more fairy dust sprinklings here’s how to get yourself covered in sparkly powder:

*Read some fairy tales like Thumbelina, Watch Finding Neverland, Labyrinth, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter.

*Investigate some fairy books such as Jacky Newcomb’s A Faerie Treasury, Ted Andrew’s Faerie Charms, anything by Brian Froud and Doreen Virtue’s Fairy 101 book and Magical Messages from the Faeries Oracle, Lorraine Roe’s The Psychic Housewives Handbook and newly released Fairy Logic Isn’t.

*Get yourself a wand and make some wishes!

* Set up a Fairy Nice Altar. Place flowers, fairy statues, rocks, shells, anything natural and fairy oriented you can find. You can even design a Very Fairy Wishing Box to place there where you decorate the outside with craft embellishments of stars, glitter, fairies, and anything else that makes you feel inspired. Then on fairy stationary or stars write down your wishes or intentions to the fairies and see what they grant ya..warning things may get very wacky that’ll make you happy!

*Dress up with fairy inspired makeup think lots of sparkle, shimmer, and color!

* Buy some fairy trinkets wherever you can find them like stickers, jewelry, t-shirts, journals, or art and gifts by Jennifer Galasso.

Finally in the words of my dear friend, psychic, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and award winning author Catherine Wishart..”If you are having problems with people in your life send the fairies to take care of them.” It was just a joke but those fairies would oblige.

The Psychic Housewives Handbook by Lorraine Roe
Psychic Housewives website by Lorraine Roe
Psychic Housewife Lorraine Roe’s Youtube Channel

Monday, August 29, 2011

What Would Fairies Do? Interview with Ronni A. Hall Designing Fairy Spiritual Teacher and Professional Empath

Lisa: How did the fairies make their arrival in your life?

Ronni: I was experiencing a particularly tough time in my life, feeling very overloaded and tired. I was doing a great deal of animal communication readings focused on after death communication and the grief of my clients was weighing heavy on me emotionally. In a dream, I received my first flower vision and a suggestion to make a flower essence from that flower for healing. I was led in tiny steps. Soon, I was having visions of tiny lights and receiving a ton of lessons that became the lessons for the Fairy Online School.

Lisa: What main message do the fairies seem to want everyone to know?

Ronni: We forgot about joy in our journeys! When is the last time you giggled? Or just felt a little silly? Or marveled at the inch worm sitting on the tree. I think the big message is to get back to that delicious child-like state when we were one with Nature and were filled with wonder and that joy.

Lisa: You are so creative with your self made Comfort Card line, and Healing Fairy Alphabet Wisdom Deck.
Did you always love to work with art and colors?

Ronni: Yes. I've been an artist since I received my favorite present of all time: a biggy marker set in a tin. I love to draw! And I love to capture the images I see in my head. I especially like to teach or comfort from what I create. And, yeah, I really dig color. The brighter the better.

Lisa: Why do you think it's important to acknowledge the fairies and natural elements around us?

Ronni: The one message I had come through was pretty cool--what we honor and take delight in, we preserve. I can't imagine a world without trees or flowers or grass! I guess that's why I always hated those sci-fi end of the world movies where all Nature is gone. Hmmm....I definitely think the Fairies want us to be treehuggers and reestablish that connection to Nature.

Lisa: You are also an animal lover. It seems that when someone is attracted to fairies or vice versa they also have a deep kinship for the animal kingdom. Is there a reason for this?

Ronni: I am not sure, but animals and that fairy connection seem to go hand and hand. I guess if you love and honor Nature, you probably also feel the same way about animals.

Lisa: Your best selling ebook is called "Help! I'm Sensitive!" What led you to writing this book
and can you tell us what being sensitive means?

Ronni: I wrote this eBook through the course of last year learning many lessons the hard way. I always needed tools as a sensitive person on how to navigate life. We don't come with an instruction manual when we are born. And being sensitive means you are more in-tuned with the many layers of life that are happening all at once. You may have more psychic ability, or be more sensitive to your environment. You may feel what others' are feeling without them telling you. We are the opposite of shallow! It's a gift to be sensitive as long as you have the tools.

Lisa: When did you realize you were an empath?

Ronni: I didn't have a name for it when I was growing up. I was just "too sensitive" or even "delicate." I laugh at that. I'm pretty strong. I didn't realize I was an empath until I was being trained as an animal communicator and my teacher taught me about my psychic abilities and gave me a name for it--that my strongest psychic ability was in feeling.

Lisa: What do you hope your "Help! I'm Sensitive" will do for your fellow sensitive brother and sisters?

Ronni: Hopefully, give them validation for what they are already feeling and not feel alone; and definitely walk away with some helpful coping tools. I tried to make the book fun with happy catch-phrases to use like "mouse theory" and "duck energy." That makes the tools easier to remember.

Lisa: Were the ever less than magical moments in your life when perhaps you questioned your purpose or if you could make your projects come to life..if so how did you deal with this?

Ronni: Absolutely! A couple of years back I went through a major family trauma when my world fell apart. Lisa, I questioned everything, especially the guidance I was receiving. Usually when I am down, I am NOT feeling creative at all. Gratefully, with enormous support and amazing guidance that I could always validate, I was able to get back onto my feet. I definitely think the right support was the key, as well as having some very creative friends who wouldn't let me give up on my dreams, my art, or myself.

Lisa: Can you give us more juicy details on how the idea for Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck came about and how it works?

Ronni: The deck has been coming together one card at a time. It will be a wisdom deck where you can pick a card and be guided to a particular fairy lesson and an activity. It's been so much fun following the alphabet. There have been times where I would be missing a letter or freaking out. I have no "k"! But somehow, the K card image and lesson would just appear, usually when I was sitting in my backyard. I love the card for U, Unexpected Surprises. I've had the oddest assortment of birds visit me in my yard. Right now, I am trying to find the right publisher for the deck.

Lisa: I see that you recommend Flower Essences and have made your own named Ronni's Potions without alcohol as a way for healing. You also mention them in "Help! I'm Sensitive." What drew you to work with Flower Essences and what improvements have others/yourself experienced by using them?

Ronni: With that first meeting with the Fairies, I made the first flower essence. 100 or so essences later, I had the Potions. I've seen a great deal of healing with clients/students using the essences and even my dogs. The biggest changes have been the "aha" moments they've had which allowed them to shift how they perceived an emotional issue or problem. My most popular essence has been Pink Rose. It's for self-love and when you take it, you feel very nurtured and less hard on yourself!

Lisa: What are the core ingredients you feel for an overall spiritually healthy life?

Ronni: Focus on love, and understanding--always try to understand what you are experiencing and what others are going through. Trust is a big one, but I am not always good at that. And always leave room for discovery and wonder.

Make sure to visit Ronni A. Hall's website "Ronni's Psychic Room" where you can subscribe for her newsletter, find more info on her online classes, purchase readings and other assorted products and read her blog!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Faeriecraft Book Review

Faeriecraft: Treading the Path of Faerie Magic(paperback) by Alicen & Neil Geddes-Ward
Publisher: Hay House July 2005
Price: 14.95
ISBN: 1-4019-0610-9

Faeriecraft: Treading the Path of Faerie Magic by Alicen & Neil Geddes-Ward is the solid, ultimate book working with the fairy world.

With meditations to cleanse one's chakra, a quick and long grounding exercise, closing off one's chakras after visiting the astral plane, setting up a fairy altar and also changing it for the seasons, how to make fairy offerings, contacting the fairy world, and getting rid of goblins it gives a deep exploration of the fae world.

"Meditation is the most important tool when connecting with the faeries. There are two reasons for this, one being that meditation is accessed through spark of your imagination. Your vision is the number one ingredient in building a relationship with the fey people. When in a meditative state, you reach out to the astral planes and communicate with the faeries on their wavelength. Faerie Land is separated from our own world by a veil of consciousness. It is a place where thought manifests as form. So when you are meditating, you are behaving in the very same way the faeries naturally function." ~excerpt from page 130 Copyright © 2005 by Alicen and Neil Geddes-Ward

It provides ways in which to receive a wand or making your own, meditations and info to contact each of the four elementals of slyphs which are the air; salamanders which represent fire; gnomes that stand for the earth; and undines that rule the water.

There are beautiful black and white sketch drawings throughout the book of a fairy showing each of the chakras, castle, everyone of the fairy queen and kings.

I especially enjoyed that there is a part for working with your guardian angel as when one walks the fairy path one also invites in angels. When you begin working with one you also will likely work with the other. The guardian angel methods for contact were fun especially with blowing bubbles to send them messages.

The best piece of advice I received is that to open up the fairy world one must use their imagination. That is key when trying to make contact with them.

What an enchanting book!

No financial compensation was provided for this review.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hippie Hope Fairy Message

Do not be so sad! Why are you going into the thoughts of losing?!
We fairies have no time for sour pusses or sucky poo makers(which you know all about.)
The fairies take their magic powder and bless you with a new chapter in your life.
Light that sparkler in your soul, and than watch for it to ignite hope in your life.
Although the goblin has stolen and drunk some of your Hope Mojo it's not completely gone!
Just get in the mood of chill out by running a muck with flying a kite, or taking a bite of watermelon or perhaps a handful of chocolate morsels.
Than giggle..giggle a lot!

Fairy Warning: "You're currently in debt for hope. Start out with Belief Coins that each one you put towards your bank account will fill it up even though they are the smallest value amount. Know that it doesn't matter because as time flies by you will have paid it off. Start with little fairy steps and things will get done!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fairy Brew

I don't know about the next person, but give me some Fairy Brew anytime of the day.
Fairy Brew is nice and bubbly, tastes delectable and adds an oomph of energy to you.
It makes you believe. The fairies have a sip of it every morning and especially when they have a full night of dancing. It's quite popular in the fairy why not here, too?

"Fairy brew is made with some fresh morning dew,
With a dash of mashed up honeydew,
A bit of honey,
Will make it sweet n' yummy,
Add a mix of rainbow berries,
It should send you into a fit of merries.
Top with a bit of snow cream,
chocolate shavings, what a dream!"

Monday, July 11, 2011

*~Time to Make a Wish!~*

Fairies love nothing better than to grant wishes and make some of their own.

I found this great feature from the website Sealed with Love founded by Elizabeth Harper. It's named Make A Wish and I found it really fun to use not to mention you can make as many wishes as you like..wishes are not meant to be put on a limit like a credit card.

It's nice to have a place to send them to when you want to give your wand a break.

Check it out here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Magickal Art of Jennifer Galasso's Faery Dust Giveaway!(CLOSED)

UPDATE: We have us a winner. After tallying up the valid comments and separating each comment(even though it says 18 comments there are more entries to count) chose number 11 which is amied027. Congratulations to you and thanks for everyone for participating! ::sends fairies everyone's way::

I'm sure the fae would all agree in unison that the place to get the best fairy gear is from The Magickal Art of Jennifer Galasso. She not only sells faery wishing cards and spell kits but a whole trunkload of other goodies!

She has been so sweet to giveaway to one winner her Faery Prosperity Dust(and you know how fairies love the green stuff!)

Details of Faery Prosperity Dust: Magickal Fairy Dust is a sparkling blend of incense, herbs, and fairy sparkles, packaged with a mystical gemstone in a magickal pouch, complete with a silver fairy charm. Carry the potion in the magick bag, or sprinkle wherever you need a little Fairy Magick! Retail value $8.50.

This contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada 18 years of age and older. It begins on June 14, 2011 and will end on June 30, 2011 at 11:59PM eastern time. I will use to pick the winner. The winner has 48 hours to respond to my email. If not a new winner will be chosen.

This entry must be completed first before you do any other.

* Like Jennifer Galasso on her Facebook Page. Leave a comment that The Fae Way Come N' Play sent you. Then comment under this post that you did the above with a valid email address or way to contact you.


* Check out the other Faery Dust that Jennifer Galasso makes. Which other one would you want and why?

* Follow Jennifer Galasso's twitter page. Leave your profile name that you use.

* Become a public follower of The Fae Way Come N' Play on Google Friend Connect

* Subscribe to Jennifer Galasso's Magickal Art Newsletter. Make sure to confirm your subscription and leave the email address you signed up with.

* Tweet about this giveaway and provide the link that you did on this comment post. You can do this daily.

Here is an example: #Win Faery Prosperity Dust by Jennifer Galasso US & CAN, ends June 30th #faery giveaway

Thanks to Online Sweepstakes and Contests for posting this giveaway!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lucky Fairy

Greetings from the Lucky Fairy...

I be a fairy of luck,
Don't worry I'll send your more than a buck!
Ladybugs I'll provide,
To make good fortune and you collide!
You won't have to worry about a thing,
I'll make sure to send you luck that lasts more than a fling!

Now coming to you live via the Fairy Satellite streaming waves of luck! Oh yeah, fortunate wonderings are now yours bathed in oceans of shamrocks. Whooooooohoooooo!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Got Fairy Kisses?

Fairy Kisses..ah yes those Fairy Kisses are quite juicy if not sloppy too.
Kisses from fairies are way different than what you might be thinking.
They add a bit of luck and charm so you won't have a really dumpy day.

How do fairies give you kisses..

1. Ladybugs. So, if you happen to see an actual ladybug, someone buys you a gift or you see a sticker or want to get a ladybug they are all about good fortune, and luck..they have wings too. In a way they are like secret spies for the fairies to add some abundance your way.

2. Finding money or change. Yep, they like to do services such as leave money behind or things that can make money.

3. Glittery or sparkly products or random glitter on your face even if you haven't used glitter. That's them throwing pixie dust your way.

4. You have a team of bunnies that hop by you fake or real.

5. You get unexpected presents that are usually fairy oriented or are sweets, foods, and goods.

To get more Fairy Kisses, draw kisses on paper with stars and fairies and write, "Fairy Kisses, please give me a peck it would nice to get a nice big fairy magic check! Thanks!"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wand Me Up

So, to act like a fairy you are going to need some help. How about a wand?

You can easily buy wands online, make your own, or get one at the local dollar store.

Whatever makes you happiest. It can be elaborate or as simple as you'd like. Better yet have a whole crew of wands so whatever mood you're in you can pick from your selection. Feeling Harry Potter esque..grab out the one made of wood. Having a Fairy Godmother sort of a day well one with a star at the top and ribbons streaming down is your best friend.

Now with a wand just imagine fairy dust zapping out of it when you make your wish, see what you want and tons of fairy folk surrounding you listening intently to what you have to tell them.

You can speak something like, "Fairy Power, Sprinkle My Wish with your Magical Power, and Let it be granted like a Beautiful Flower."

Always ask the fairies to arrange it in their way since they are bad-ass and will give you some heat when it comes to
granting wishes.

The perks of being a fairy are they honestly don't believe in any type of rule, the words no, can't, improbable, magic doesn't exit, imagination is a loser, and they certainly don't have tolerance for our human bs.

Wish away and see what the fairies will say.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fairies Just Wanna Have Fun..

I think I know why my my recipe for success has gone down the tubes..I've forgotten all about the f word..FUN!

Life is always a mess fest, but I don't join in to play in the mud I'm the one freaking out get clean, stop doing that, OMG I'm scrubbing this again?

I do wonder if that's why fairies have been stopping by they want me to quit being such a sour-patch and get my dirt on.

Here's what I think they want me to do:

Make homemade edible play dough.

Get a shiny penny and make a wish at a fountain or other water source(without polluting or hit someone in the head of course)

Watch a raunchy comedy movie.

Play out in nature.

Blow bubbles.

Make fart noises.

Read some fairy tales by Hans Christen Anderson and do a re-enactment preferably one that is not Disney rated.

Do the hula or robot.

Use glitter..and lots of it anywhere I can.

Fairies just want to spread some lightness wherever they go because they like to have a jammin' time.

Fae Memo: Don't forget to have a bit of fun!

Believe in Magic

I decided to start a blog on fairies..or should I say they made me do it. I guess I've put that at the bottom of my list and they want me to be acquainted with them again. I keep seeing fairy imagery everywhere lately and I was visited again by the movie, "Tooth Fairy" starring Dwayne Johnson as a hockey player renamed by the media and public as the Tooth Fairy since he always knocks out teeth of the opposing team. He is also a dream crusher and gets summoned by the Queen of the Tooth Fairies after being a repeat offender. His sentence to pay back what's he's an actual Tooth Fairy of course!

I just happen to come out in the living room and this movie came on. I'm so glad I watched it!

It's really a lot of fun as fairies are and it has a great message about believing in your dreams and magic.

I know many of us forget to have the purity of imagination as children do and become a bit jaded overtime(not our fault of course!)

I won't ruin my favorite part but his fairy caseworker by the name of Tracy is one of the rare fairies born without a pair of wings. He always dreamt of being a Tooth Fairy and having wings to go along with it. You'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens but I LOVE what takes place with his character.

Watch this movie today and don't forget to Believe!