Monday, August 29, 2011

What Would Fairies Do? Interview with Ronni A. Hall Designing Fairy Spiritual Teacher and Professional Empath

Lisa: How did the fairies make their arrival in your life?

Ronni: I was experiencing a particularly tough time in my life, feeling very overloaded and tired. I was doing a great deal of animal communication readings focused on after death communication and the grief of my clients was weighing heavy on me emotionally. In a dream, I received my first flower vision and a suggestion to make a flower essence from that flower for healing. I was led in tiny steps. Soon, I was having visions of tiny lights and receiving a ton of lessons that became the lessons for the Fairy Online School.

Lisa: What main message do the fairies seem to want everyone to know?

Ronni: We forgot about joy in our journeys! When is the last time you giggled? Or just felt a little silly? Or marveled at the inch worm sitting on the tree. I think the big message is to get back to that delicious child-like state when we were one with Nature and were filled with wonder and that joy.

Lisa: You are so creative with your self made Comfort Card line, and Healing Fairy Alphabet Wisdom Deck.
Did you always love to work with art and colors?

Ronni: Yes. I've been an artist since I received my favorite present of all time: a biggy marker set in a tin. I love to draw! And I love to capture the images I see in my head. I especially like to teach or comfort from what I create. And, yeah, I really dig color. The brighter the better.

Lisa: Why do you think it's important to acknowledge the fairies and natural elements around us?

Ronni: The one message I had come through was pretty cool--what we honor and take delight in, we preserve. I can't imagine a world without trees or flowers or grass! I guess that's why I always hated those sci-fi end of the world movies where all Nature is gone. Hmmm....I definitely think the Fairies want us to be treehuggers and reestablish that connection to Nature.

Lisa: You are also an animal lover. It seems that when someone is attracted to fairies or vice versa they also have a deep kinship for the animal kingdom. Is there a reason for this?

Ronni: I am not sure, but animals and that fairy connection seem to go hand and hand. I guess if you love and honor Nature, you probably also feel the same way about animals.

Lisa: Your best selling ebook is called "Help! I'm Sensitive!" What led you to writing this book
and can you tell us what being sensitive means?

Ronni: I wrote this eBook through the course of last year learning many lessons the hard way. I always needed tools as a sensitive person on how to navigate life. We don't come with an instruction manual when we are born. And being sensitive means you are more in-tuned with the many layers of life that are happening all at once. You may have more psychic ability, or be more sensitive to your environment. You may feel what others' are feeling without them telling you. We are the opposite of shallow! It's a gift to be sensitive as long as you have the tools.

Lisa: When did you realize you were an empath?

Ronni: I didn't have a name for it when I was growing up. I was just "too sensitive" or even "delicate." I laugh at that. I'm pretty strong. I didn't realize I was an empath until I was being trained as an animal communicator and my teacher taught me about my psychic abilities and gave me a name for it--that my strongest psychic ability was in feeling.

Lisa: What do you hope your "Help! I'm Sensitive" will do for your fellow sensitive brother and sisters?

Ronni: Hopefully, give them validation for what they are already feeling and not feel alone; and definitely walk away with some helpful coping tools. I tried to make the book fun with happy catch-phrases to use like "mouse theory" and "duck energy." That makes the tools easier to remember.

Lisa: Were the ever less than magical moments in your life when perhaps you questioned your purpose or if you could make your projects come to life..if so how did you deal with this?

Ronni: Absolutely! A couple of years back I went through a major family trauma when my world fell apart. Lisa, I questioned everything, especially the guidance I was receiving. Usually when I am down, I am NOT feeling creative at all. Gratefully, with enormous support and amazing guidance that I could always validate, I was able to get back onto my feet. I definitely think the right support was the key, as well as having some very creative friends who wouldn't let me give up on my dreams, my art, or myself.

Lisa: Can you give us more juicy details on how the idea for Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck came about and how it works?

Ronni: The deck has been coming together one card at a time. It will be a wisdom deck where you can pick a card and be guided to a particular fairy lesson and an activity. It's been so much fun following the alphabet. There have been times where I would be missing a letter or freaking out. I have no "k"! But somehow, the K card image and lesson would just appear, usually when I was sitting in my backyard. I love the card for U, Unexpected Surprises. I've had the oddest assortment of birds visit me in my yard. Right now, I am trying to find the right publisher for the deck.

Lisa: I see that you recommend Flower Essences and have made your own named Ronni's Potions without alcohol as a way for healing. You also mention them in "Help! I'm Sensitive." What drew you to work with Flower Essences and what improvements have others/yourself experienced by using them?

Ronni: With that first meeting with the Fairies, I made the first flower essence. 100 or so essences later, I had the Potions. I've seen a great deal of healing with clients/students using the essences and even my dogs. The biggest changes have been the "aha" moments they've had which allowed them to shift how they perceived an emotional issue or problem. My most popular essence has been Pink Rose. It's for self-love and when you take it, you feel very nurtured and less hard on yourself!

Lisa: What are the core ingredients you feel for an overall spiritually healthy life?

Ronni: Focus on love, and understanding--always try to understand what you are experiencing and what others are going through. Trust is a big one, but I am not always good at that. And always leave room for discovery and wonder.

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  1. Excellent interview Ronni! I loved it...and am looking forward to trying your Pink Rose essence sometime soon> Namaste'.

  2. That's my favorite one. :) Big thanks to Lisa for interviewing me.