Friday, September 16, 2011

Fairy Dust Sprinklings

The faeries have some of the best sense of humor around. They can be quite saucy. You may be wondering if the Fae are hitting you in the face with a pixie stick. Here is how to tell if they are giving you some Fairy Dust Sprinklings.

Number 1. You keep seeing the image of Tinkerbell or some other fairy image popping up at every corner. This happened to me for a straight week when I was questioning if they truly existed. First, I saw a Tinkerbell DVD on my sister’s desk that was not there earlier that month and my mom bought my cousin Tinkerbell gifts to send out to her that she showed me. I was also watching a rerun episode of Saved by the Bell that particular week and it was a Halloween one (although it wasn’t October). Guess what I come back to see after I went to make breakfast and left the room? The one female character was dressed up as Tinkerbell!

Number 2: Someone gives you some fairy loot. So for instance my mom had gone to the craft store and bought me back a Fairy Stained Glass Window Book where you color in images of fairies. I also had found adorable trinket fairy boxes that were super cheap (those fairies like frugal savings too!). I also had a dear friend send me a wand and it happen to be a fairy aligned one.

Number 3: You hear about fairies more and more through mainstream media or person(s) without your questioning. I had this happen when my brother asked if I saw this new role playing game for Xbox that lets you design what kind of fairy you want to be. I was watching youtuber GlamLifeGuru make mention the other day of the Coupon Fairy in one of her recent videos when she was showing deals to get.

Number 4: You are outside and have one single bee hovering or flying by you or perhaps a dragonfly or bunny rabbit. This occurred to me so many times when I was outside talking to the fairies in my head. One time I had a dragonfly just flitter on over and perch up on our clothesline out in the backyard. It didn’t move and just stayed there for a long while as though listening and watching me until I stopped talking to the fairy kingdom. It was extremely close to me which never happened. I had never seen a dragonfly when I was outside before in that particular location either. Another incident I was talking with fairies and guess what came hopping by adorable brown rabbit. This rabbit visited me more than once. I also had bees acting strangely like buzzing right next to my ear or a single one coming by me and then leaving as though to check me out and report back its findings. All these incidences I was asking for the fairies to show up and let me see them. Perhaps they sent me those animal signs. Best Selling Angel Author Doreen Virtue (whom has also written on fairies) says that animals have fairies as guardian spirits and they often can come disguised as bees, dragonflies, butterflies, flies, and ladybugs.

Number 5: You’ve got weird looking ring shapes and patches or other natural gifts being dropped off or you find them. Hmmm, I can tell you the time my sister came home from the beach and surprised me with a beautiful rock from there. Fairies, much? There was also an odd looking patch of grass that grew in a perfect circle shape that I renamed the Fairy Circle. I imagined that maybe they threw some crazy night parties and danced around it. You may also come across seashells or other element gifts like crystals.

Number 6: Someone plays a joke on you, acts out in a mischievous yet playful manner, you get taken to a comedy show, improv class, funny movie, or you are laughing about things that shouldn't be dirty but come out that way...yep it's the fae. They curse like truckers and do party all the time.

To have more fairy dust sprinklings here’s how to get yourself covered in sparkly powder:

*Read some fairy tales like Thumbelina, Watch Finding Neverland, Labyrinth, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter.

*Investigate some fairy books such as Jacky Newcomb’s A Faerie Treasury, Ted Andrew’s Faerie Charms, anything by Brian Froud and Doreen Virtue’s Fairy 101 book and Magical Messages from the Faeries Oracle, Lorraine Roe’s The Psychic Housewives Handbook and newly released Fairy Logic Isn’t.

*Get yourself a wand and make some wishes!

* Set up a Fairy Nice Altar. Place flowers, fairy statues, rocks, shells, anything natural and fairy oriented you can find. You can even design a Very Fairy Wishing Box to place there where you decorate the outside with craft embellishments of stars, glitter, fairies, and anything else that makes you feel inspired. Then on fairy stationary or stars write down your wishes or intentions to the fairies and see what they grant ya..warning things may get very wacky that’ll make you happy!

*Dress up with fairy inspired makeup think lots of sparkle, shimmer, and color!

* Buy some fairy trinkets wherever you can find them like stickers, jewelry, t-shirts, journals, or art and gifts by Jennifer Galasso.

Finally in the words of my dear friend, psychic, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and award winning author Catherine Wishart..”If you are having problems with people in your life send the fairies to take care of them.” It was just a joke but those fairies would oblige.

The Psychic Housewives Handbook by Lorraine Roe
Psychic Housewives website by Lorraine Roe
Psychic Housewife Lorraine Roe’s Youtube Channel

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