Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hippie Hope Fairy Message

Do not be so sad! Why are you going into the thoughts of losing?!
We fairies have no time for sour pusses or sucky poo makers(which you know all about.)
The fairies take their magic powder and bless you with a new chapter in your life.
Light that sparkler in your soul, and than watch for it to ignite hope in your life.
Although the goblin has stolen and drunk some of your Hope Mojo it's not completely gone!
Just get in the mood of chill out by running a muck with flying a kite, or taking a bite of watermelon or perhaps a handful of chocolate morsels.
Than giggle..giggle a lot!

Fairy Warning: "You're currently in debt for hope. Start out with Belief Coins that each one you put towards your bank account will fill it up even though they are the smallest value amount. Know that it doesn't matter because as time flies by you will have paid it off. Start with little fairy steps and things will get done!

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