Monday, June 6, 2011

Wand Me Up

So, to act like a fairy you are going to need some help. How about a wand?

You can easily buy wands online, make your own, or get one at the local dollar store.

Whatever makes you happiest. It can be elaborate or as simple as you'd like. Better yet have a whole crew of wands so whatever mood you're in you can pick from your selection. Feeling Harry Potter esque..grab out the one made of wood. Having a Fairy Godmother sort of a day well one with a star at the top and ribbons streaming down is your best friend.

Now with a wand just imagine fairy dust zapping out of it when you make your wish, see what you want and tons of fairy folk surrounding you listening intently to what you have to tell them.

You can speak something like, "Fairy Power, Sprinkle My Wish with your Magical Power, and Let it be granted like a Beautiful Flower."

Always ask the fairies to arrange it in their way since they are bad-ass and will give you some heat when it comes to
granting wishes.

The perks of being a fairy are they honestly don't believe in any type of rule, the words no, can't, improbable, magic doesn't exit, imagination is a loser, and they certainly don't have tolerance for our human bs.

Wish away and see what the fairies will say.

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