Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fairies Just Wanna Have Fun..

I think I know why my my recipe for success has gone down the tubes..I've forgotten all about the f word..FUN!

Life is always a mess fest, but I don't join in to play in the mud I'm the one freaking out get clean, stop doing that, OMG I'm scrubbing this again?

I do wonder if that's why fairies have been stopping by they want me to quit being such a sour-patch and get my dirt on.

Here's what I think they want me to do:

Make homemade edible play dough.

Get a shiny penny and make a wish at a fountain or other water source(without polluting or hit someone in the head of course)

Watch a raunchy comedy movie.

Play out in nature.

Blow bubbles.

Make fart noises.

Read some fairy tales by Hans Christen Anderson and do a re-enactment preferably one that is not Disney rated.

Do the hula or robot.

Use glitter..and lots of it anywhere I can.

Fairies just want to spread some lightness wherever they go because they like to have a jammin' time.

Fae Memo: Don't forget to have a bit of fun!

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