Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Got Fairy Kisses?

Fairy Kisses..ah yes those Fairy Kisses are quite juicy if not sloppy too.
Kisses from fairies are way different than what you might be thinking.
They add a bit of luck and charm so you won't have a really dumpy day.

How do fairies give you kisses..

1. Ladybugs. So, if you happen to see an actual ladybug, someone buys you a gift or you see a sticker or want to get a ladybug they are all about good fortune, and luck..they have wings too. In a way they are like secret spies for the fairies to add some abundance your way.

2. Finding money or change. Yep, they like to do services such as leave money behind or things that can make money.

3. Glittery or sparkly products or random glitter on your face even if you haven't used glitter. That's them throwing pixie dust your way.

4. You have a team of bunnies that hop by you fake or real.

5. You get unexpected presents that are usually fairy oriented or are sweets, foods, and goods.

To get more Fairy Kisses, draw kisses on paper with stars and fairies and write, "Fairy Kisses, please give me a peck it would nice to get a nice big fairy magic check! Thanks!"

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